How a Delhi prostitute manages her love life!

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There is no real time to tell your partner that you are going to sleep with other people for money. Whatever your occupation, it is often difficult to find the perfect balance between work and private life. But when your job involves sleeping with people for money, this balance may prove to be even harder to achieve. Between early dates and long relationships, sex workers sometimes struggle to tell their partner what they are doing to earn a living.
When I was working as a stripper, I decided to put my love life on break. The fact of selling the idea of sex to men every night had made me want to share my intimacy with anyone. Long after I left this job, I met men who seemed obsessed with my past.Either they were disappointed, or they were strangely excited by this idea. But my experience is nothing compared to what people have to have sex for pleasure or for the needs of their trade. I talked to several sex workers so they can tell me a little bit about their love life. Click Here

“The best relationship I had was with a GIGOLO”

Two of my potential dates have reacted drastically differently. The first one said, “No, because you’re a prostitute” and the other said, “Yes, because you’re a prostitute. I get the impression that they cannot think of me as the person I am. And I understand very well that they have a hard time dealing with this information, but there are a lot of guys who are just trying to experiment with new sex stuff – if that’s the only reason they’re going out with me, they can brush.

My last relationship lasted two and a half months. He often asked me how my day had gone by, but I never really wanted to talk about it. Of course, I shared a part of me with a stranger, but I did not want my boyfriend to imagine that I was not myself with him. The thing is, I really like my job. I adore it, even! I have orgasms permanently. But I’m reluctant to talk to my little friends, because I do not want them to be jealous.

The best relationship I had was with a gigolo. It was great. We were perfectly at ease and we could approach any topic. One day, while we were in the restaurant, we heard two lovers talking about their respective days – they were talking about job proposals, PowerPoint presentations, stuff like that.

So I asked my boyfriend what he had done today, to which he replied: “Oh, I have a wife, and you? I replied, “Oh, I fucked a man with a dildo belt. We laughed so much. Unfortunately, we broke up because I have children and he was a little younger than me – it had nothing to do with our job.

I think some High Profile DelhiĀ prostitute or call girls or prostitutes can be very naive when it comes to finding a partner – when you end up dating someone; you tend to collect a lot more than you should. It’s a little for that reasons that I prefer to be single, it’s less complicated.